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Sunday, April 15, 2012

"Drones" painting session 7: TEDMED Day 3

Hiep Nguyen, Director of Robotic Surgery, Research and Training Center and the Pediatric TeleUrology Service at Children's Hospital Boston presented his speech from his office in Germany via a robot.  His speech was entitled "What if R2D2 were your doctor?" As I watched the rolling bot "pace" upon the TEDMED stage I began to paint a small droid upon the canvas.

DR. R2D2 

Next up was Mary "Missy" Cummings who was a one of the first female fighter pilots in the Navy and is now Director, MIT Humans and Automation Library.  As I listened her speak about the power of unmanned aerial vehicles, I decided to paint the word the she was not using.  I painted three drone bees flying into darkness.  I was also amazed by a slide within her presentation.  In a room field with the most up to date technology was a cowbell.  She explained, in an emergency it was the only way to capture everyone’s attention.  So I gave R2D2 a cowbell and hope he uses it when needed.

Ed Gavagan, Co-founder of Design Starts Here and speaker at The Moth was next upon the stage.  He was the patient on the panel. He began speaking about elaborate knots and then proceeded to tie up our feeling and emotions within in his tale.  He was stabbed as a result of a gang initiation ritual and came very close to dying.  One of his wounds was to the inferior vena cava and this is usually fatal.  He spoke of his gratitude at being saved, but also spoke of his discomfort. After surgery Ed’s doctor proudly showed off his work to a group of other medical professionals.  His work was Ed’s skin.  During his speech he told us the doctor said the hospital had not cut his long hair so he would have the strength of Samson.  But as he wrapped up his speech, he answered Jay Walker’s questions and revealed the true reason.  His doctor had not cut his hair as he wanted Ed to look nice for his funeral.  I painted Ed in the alley he almost died in.

Robert Gupta then soothed our souls once again with his violin.


Sandeep Kishore, MD, PhD Student, Co-chair, Young Professional Chronic Disease Network took us on impassioned journey that leveraged lateral thinking and trans-disciplinary approaches.  He wanted us to remove the silos between us.  So the painting now had a silo that balanced out R2D2.  And I depicted a young doctor standing upon a tractor and looking within.
Silos, Access and Medical School

Todd Park spoke once again and focused on the Health Data Palooza to be held in June with his usual relish. I added a blue button to our silo for Todd’s support of open data.

Then I stepped back and stared at this powerful painting called “Drones.”


In honor of their sponsorship of TEDMED, Booz Allen Hamilton was given this painting.

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