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Monday, August 12, 2013

Patients Included

Patients Included

In September of 2011 ePatient Dave asked me to paint a painting depicting his concept of "let patients help."  I painted a painting of patient on stage before a crowd.  This was a nameless patient that existed in my mind.  The painting was not a good fit for Dave but upon second and third glance I realized it looked a lot like Lucien Engelen.  

I learned about Lucien’s campaign to include patients at every conference back in 2012.  He wants patients included in the design phase, attending the event and then on the stage.  If a conference is willing to do that they can use the patients included logo on their event. 

Today I read that through Lucien’s tireless efforts and others like him a Dutch conference was held at which 100 of the 600 attendees were patients!

I salute you Lucien!! So I updated this painting to include Lucien's current beard and glasses and will happily send it on to his home in the Netherlands.

Patients Included

Thank you Lucien from all of us!

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