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Friday, May 8, 2009


This has been a busy week on the medical advocacy front. Our story is being floated around several news agencies, and it is just matter of who would like to report it first. The first mural will be placed in Pumpernickels Deli on Connecticut Avenue around the 5400 block. I will be determining the size this weekend, and it should go up next week.

I continue to search for more walls for murals. I also will need more patients who are willing to come forward with their charts. Each mural will represent a person. I would like the actual information and vitals. The name of the individual can be used, or if privacy is desired I can write "Jane" or "John Doe". Let me know if you or a loved one would like to be a patient image.

I am trying through some of my contacts to talk to the folks in Congress who are helping shape the new health care agenda. The litany of things that went wrong with my husband's care takes pages and pages to list.

On a side note, the EMT transport crew and I spoke during my husband's transfer for radiation. He shared his contempt of the ER department of the hospital we were in from 3-25-09 through 4-22-09. He said they leave patients out in halls, lose their information, and generally don't care. The EMT/Firefighter said he would rather leave a patient at any other hospital in this part of Maryland.

I will post again soon. -Regina Holliday

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