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Saturday, July 25, 2009

My Post to Lotsa Helping Hands Community: Regina's Friends

I am sending this out to all the wonderful people who helped our family through our ordeal for the past four month, but I thought I would post it here as well as I think applies to most of you as well.

I want to thank you for all the help you have provided for these past four months. We could not have done it without you. You have been great. Some of you have asked "Is there anymore we can do?" There is. Help me with my fight for health care reform. You can reach me at or http://ReginaHolliday.Blogspot or Regina Holliday Washington DC on Facebook or ReginaHolliday on Twitter.

If you would like to host play dates while I paint advocacy murals or speak with our representatives on Capitol Hill let me know. If you know a reporter who would like to talk about how bad our current medical situation is, give them my contact info. If you have a medical story to share with me about a tragedy that occured in your life please contact me; because I will be doing more murals. Fred's story is not the only one out there. The time to ignore what is happening is over. The time for action has begun.

Reform does not happen overnight, but it will happen. I plan to dedicate the rest of my life to making it happen. I will campaign for patients' rights. I will work hard so no other patient will be virtually imprisoned in his hospital bed. I will demand access to the medical record in real time so patients and caregivers can make informed decisions. I will work toward the standardization of forms so patients will not be unnecessarily harmed due to lack of awareness of medical staff. I will implore medical facilities to adopt an interoperable Electronic Medical Record so you do not lose data upon transfer and so patients do not need to wait for several hours to get their meds back on-line. I will paint murals throughout this city about the ones we loved that died. I will speak to senators and congressmen about the need for affordable insurance.

I will not stop talking until we get change. And if you know me from Child's Play you know I talk a lot. You also know I care about your children and I want what is best for them, whether it is a great toy or good health system. If you know me from teaching art, you know I don't do things by half measure. There is no project that cannot be accomplished if you have dedication, time, and work hard. If you know me from church, you know I believe in God. I believe in a God of mercy and grace, one who says we must help the "least of these." People ask for a miracle in their time of sorrow. God is there all along trying help us listen to His call. The miracle is in us, and it is up to us to do everything we can to help the sick, the tired, the dying, and those filled with sadness and despair. I will do everything I can to help and I hope you will join with me.

I have been blessed by this community of friends. I am sure together we can do great things.

Thanks again for all you have done,
Regina Holliday

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  1. Gr8 Work yaar, Lucking much more like dis from u in the future...
    Thank Yu Dude!