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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Re-Elect Fred Holliday

Shall I write about Fred Holliday II, PhD today? Should I regale you with tales of my loving spouse? He was a pop-culture maven, a hilarious partner and loving Dad. Or should I tell you about Freddie Holliday III? He is my fun, impulsive, brilliant son, who happens to be on the autism spectrum. I so often write about Fred Holliday in this blog. But today, I shall write about the first Fred. In March of 1993, I met my future father-in law, Fred Holliday. He was big and smiling, with a gray beard and glasses.

He ran a hardware store. I loved that he ran a hardware store. As a child, I used to visit hardware stores for fun. I am also the only bride I know that registered for a cordless drill. Fred and I got along very well from the start. I even worked in the store occasionally after I married my Fred. Fred always chuckled at my inability to use the cash register with confidence. He could not believe it when I eventually ran a store that used six registers at one time. Fred was such a kind storeowner. He would often get calls at night while eating dinner. He would open up his store after-hours to help these customers in need. Fred Sr. was also mayor of the Town of Grantsville. He had done so many good things in that town. He was an active member of the Lion’s Club and was always doing volunteer work and very involved in his local community.

In 1998 he decided to run for County Commissioner. I was very pregnant with little Freddie when I attended Fred’s first fundraiser in the summer of 1998. It was a steak feed in the park in Grantsville. It was such a nice day. In September when little Freddie was only a few days old he sported an “Elect Fred Holliday” pin on his baby blanket. Fred Sr. was elected to his first term later that fall.

Fred is an excellent county commissioner and has served in this post for almost 12 years. He has been and always will be a dedicated public servant. He takes his responsibilities and duties very seriously and is one of the most contentious elected leaders I have ever met.

In March 2009 when my husband Fred fell sick. My father-in-law would drive up every weekend to visit his son in the hospital. He would ask his son if he could stay and help in anyway. My Fred would say, “No, Dad you go back and do your job as County Commissioner. You have a very important job.” My Fred was so proud of his father and loved to see him do his very important job. So, Fred would leave his wife with me and drive those lonely 2 and 1/2 hours back to Garret County. He would work all week as County Commissioner and each night go home to an empty house and think of his dying son.

On June 17th 2009, as my husband breathed his final breath his family and friends surrounded him. His friends David and Jeff were there. I stood beside Fred’s bed with Isaac in my arms. My mother-in-law Joan and our son Freddie stood at the other side of the bed. The only one missing was Fred Sr. He was driving up to visit as his son died.

A lot of people might have become bitter about their job and life after such an event, but not Fred. He continues to work within the community for the greater good and he continues to do his job. And he does it well.

This fall Fred is running for re-election as the Republican Candidate for County Commissioner in Garret County Maryland. Back in the spring, I offered to help him in anyway I could. He asked if I would mind painting two campaign signs. He wanted his face painted about 3 feet high and the text would read Re-Elect Fred Holliday County Commissioner District 2. It takes a brave man to want their picture so large. Well, Fred has always been a brave man.

So those signs now are displayed in Garrett County for all to see. I hope the people who look upon his smiling face will know what a great man he is. I hope they realize what an amazing public servant they have working for the best interests of the county.

I also helped by going door to door asking Garrett County residents if they would be willing to place signs of support in their yards. Some folks were willing some were not. A few folks told me they were Democrats. I told them I was too. I said that Fred Holliday was the man to support regardless of party affiliation. They put up signs in their yards. I was so happy. During the fight for Health Care Reform, I saw a lot of mud slinging by both political parties. I am so happy when I can see people stand together and support a common good.

I will try to help in another way by inviting all of you to attend his upcoming fundraiser.

2010 Re-Election Fundraiser Dinner benefiting
County Commissioner Fred Holliday, District 2 (Authority Gerald E. Beachy)
Saturday, August 28th 2010
Avilton Community Center
Exit off I-68, Lower New Germany Road, to Avilton Lonaconing Road

Tickets are available for $20.00 per person on site or call Joan Holliday 301-865-5387, Sue Beachy 301-895-5387 or email

You can find Fred on Facebook at

Donations can be made at the dinner or send to:
Friends of Fred Holliday
283 Pine Grove Road, B-12
Lonaconing, MD 21539

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