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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

This was aired on our local channel 9 news in DC.


  1. Regina, very nice work you are doing, however I would like to point out an important mistake you have made in one of your murals, where a child is holding a pole with the "medical symbol" at then end of it. That symbol is a caduceus, also called the wand of Hermes, a symbol of theft, deception, commerce and DEATH. What you should have used is the correct symbol called the rod of Asclepius (do a research on both on wikipedia). This is a common mistake in America, I just hope you correct it in the future !

  2. Dear Andre,
    I used the caduceus on purpose. It is hard to see the detail on the Internet but the little girl America is holding on to her abuser-The current medical system- profit and thievery masquerading as medical help. She is standing dressed in an American flag her legs are covered in welts and a switch lays on the ground beside her. The piece is symbolic of our current debate. I could not understand how so many well meaning people could hate the idea of reform. One day I realized they were acting like victims of abuse. I appreciate your sending me the info though. I do desperately hope to use the rod of
    Asclepius in the future. That would depend on reform...

    Thanks, Regina