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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Calling all Patient Advocates

Calling all Patient Advocates!!!

Want to come to the Partnership with Patients Summit in KC September 21-23, 2012?  Need help with funding to get there?  The Society for Participatory Medicine a 501c3 non-profit is creating a scholarship fund and Pat Salber, MD decided to help.  She is currently launching a crowdfunding site called Health Tech Hatch that will enter public beta on Sept. 4.  It is currently in private beta and people are already pledging to support the fund.  She writes about the program here

You can register for the Partnership With Patients conference here.

Please spread the word!  This is a conference that is being designed with patients in full partnership with providers and venders and I really hope you can attend. 

So to make this super clear (with a little help from the amazing Trisha Torrey on editing)

Are you a patient who would like to apply for a travel scholarship to the Partnership With Patients Summit?

The Society of Participatory Medicine will be awarding 10 scholarships of $500 each.  Here are details and how to apply:

Write a (no more than) 500 word essay of why you should be granted a travel scholarship to attend the Partnership With Patients Summit.  Why should you be the person who receives the scholarship?  What can you offer to the people you connect with?  What can they offer you? What do you hope to do with what you learn? 

If you have your own blog, then post your essay on your blog, and tweet the link to Regina Holliday ( @ReginaHolliday) or post the link on her Facebook page ( )

If you do not have your own blog, then send the post, contained in an email (not attached) to Regina at  She will post your essay here on the Partnership with Patients website.

Deadline for submission is midnight, pacific time, September 8, 2012.

The essays will be reviewed by the committee at the Society for Participatory Medicine and winners will be notified by September 16.

Good luck!

Questions?  Contact  Regina Holliday at Partnership with Patients

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