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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Hospice Card at HIMSS13

I talk about HIT (Health Information Technology) often.  I am very excited about the potential for HIT to allow patients better access to information so they can make decisions about their health.  I attend a lot of policy meetings on the subject of HIT and the subject of patient safety.  Those conversations are wide-reaching, but one topic that is rarely touched upon is end of life.

Like many people in our culture, policy folks often side step this conversation in favor of a safer topic like “disparity.”  We can have in depth discussions about the need for a reduction in hospital readmission, but not address the panic readmit of a hospice patient when the family is ill prepared for the final days.  I can watch a room full of people hash through clause after clause on Meaningful Use regulations and see them barely touch upon transmission of advance directives.

So, I am bringing a large hospice card to HIMSS13.

HIMSS 2013 Annual Conference andExhibition is March 3-7, 2013 at Ernest N. Morial Convention Center, New Orleans. The HIMSS (Healthcare Information and Management System Society) conference focuses on Health information Technology and Informatics.  The conference is the largest in the field of HIT and 40,000 attendees are expected. 

I will be attending and painting on site on March 5th. I will be in a special session:


“PatientExperience through HIT Forum” location: Room 252

Is e-engaging with your patients worth the effort? This one-day forum features three sessions dedicated to the value of enhancing the patient experience.

Making Patients Your Partners in Satisfying Meaningful Use Stage 2 Objectives: Case Studies in Patient Engagement

March 5, 2013 
9:45 AM - 10:45 AM


The Business Case for Implementing a Patient-Centered Communication Strategies
1:00 PM - 2:00 PM



Building Patient 2.0: Engaging People in Health through Consumer-Facing Devices and Tools
2:15 PM - 3:15 PM

I am really excited to paint these sessions as I know several of these speakers and they have amazing things to say about the intersection of patients and health information technology.  I am happy that Meaningful Use does require that 50% of the time hospitals/doctors find out whether a patient has an advance directive, but I wish it were for 18 and older not just 65 and older.

Many folks at this event will be talking about the power of patient reported data and its importance in a vibrant electronic health record.  But I bet most of those folks will be thinking about data submissions as information from scales and blood pressure cuffs with wifi rather than wondering if their local HIE (health information exchange) can connect with a personal account on MyDirectives.

If you come to the session please sign the hospice card.  I plan to send it to Hallmark via a few of my Kansas City friends as an example of our support of an End-depth discussion on policies that affect us all.  

If you do not make to the Patient Experience through HIT Forum, there will be a post session tweet-up on Patient Engagement at 3:30 at the HIMSS Social Media Center.  I hope to see you there.


  1. Regina, you hit the nail on the head, you drove to the heart of the issue ... the metaphors fail me - all I know is that when I read the words on your card I burst into tears.

    Yes. That's exactly it. Hallmark, please listen.

    Oh my dear lord. That's it.

    See you at HIMSS.

    1. See you there my friend, I do indeed hope Hallmark is listening.

  2. Regina, Hallmark should listen, but you should make the cards yourself. Your painting is very moving.

    April Martin

    1. Thank You April. My painting is very emotional and is probably not for everyone but I am hopeful that it speaks to Hallmark about a need for change.