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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Partnership With Patients:The Survey

In September of 2012 a number of patient advocates, providers, activists and vender partners gathered in Kansas City for The Partnership With Patients Summit to speak about patient centered care, patient rights and the healthcare landscape.


One of the direct requests of that meeting was to create a survey to get a pulse on the deep concerns of patients throughout the nation.  Many leading advocates including PatMastors and myself have been crowd-sourcing these questions in the ensuing 4 months. 

We asked the wonderful folks at Traitwise to host and create this survey.  Thank you Michael Simpson, President and CEO of Traitwise for helping us through this process.

If you have never used, you are in for a treat!  If I were to compare a Traitwise survey using the analogy of chocolate, I would say: Survey monkey is to artificial milk chocolate chips in generic packaging as Traitwise is to the finest Ghirardelli.   

So sit back and give us your honest opinions for the next 5 minutes or so.  Feel free to be completely open.  These survey reports are anonymous.  We want to know how you feel, so we can direct our energy and strategy to resolve your most pressing concerns.

We will make the results of this survey available to the general public and concerned patients and partners everywhere.  

Thank you.

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