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Sunday, November 10, 2013

"Healing Through the Pain"

I met Courtney Mazza many years ago as a fellow preschool teacher at CCBC.  She is beautiful person overflowing with kindness.  My husband and I sat beside her and her husband at many school events. Courtney was one of the wonderful people who stepped forward to help watch the children when Fred was sick.  In the years hence she has helped so many times.

In 2011 when I first decided to create The Walking Gallery, Courtney said she was willing to paint.  After me, she has painted the most jackets in the gallery.  This month she is presenting a show at the MOCA Gallery, (Georgetown) 1054 31st St NW, Washington DC.  The show is called “Healing Through the Pain.”

This show features paintings created by Laurie Tylec, John Paradise, Tom Hill, Roger Anthony and others.  I have several pieces on display with these other wonderful artists.

On Friday November 15 will be a screening night. The mini doc on The Walking Gallery will be shown for the first time.  This film was created by the amazing Ben Crosbie and Tessa Moran at Eidolon Films.  I hope many of you will be able to attend!  Thank you Courtney for all you do!

Here is the program for the night:

THE PROGRAM [Note: This event WILL involve nudity* (at least one female model; optionally others of all sexes)]
6 - 6:30 Meet the Artists & curator Courtney Mazza
6:30  Work of Walking Art: Danyell Truesdale will be body painted with UV paint
7:30  Screening begins:
• The Walking Gallery (world premiere)--documentary featuring founder and lead artist Regina Holliday, and second lead artist and D.C. liaison Courtney Mazza
• 73¢--a mini documentary of Regina Holliday painting the mural that changed her life as her husband died; 73¢ at 5001 Connecticut Ave., D.C.
• A documentary of Roger Anthony tattooing
• Clips from A Painted City, by Caitlin Carrol, featuring D.C. muralists Regina Holliday & Byron Peck
• A documentary of St. Elizabeth's art therapy with the criminally insane, designed to improve self image and inspire confidence in these outliers to society
THROUGHOUT THIS EVENT, licensed massage therapist Rebecca Menso will be offering guests healing massages on site.  Clothing is OPTIONAL!
FOLLOWING THE SCREENING:  Roger Anthony will tattoo live onDanyell Truesdale, Walking Art--featuring CRACKS, attesting her struggle with her mother's crack addiction.

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