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Monday, June 15, 2015

Last Day to Comment on Stage 2 Meaningful Use

It is the last day for comment on Stage 2 Meaningful Use!  Here is mine if you need inspiration:

"On July 13, 2010 I shared the stage with Kathleen Sebelius, then Secretary of Health and Human Services, David Blumenthal, then National Coordinator of Health Information Technology, Don Berwick then Administrator of CMS and Regina Benjamin, then Surgeon General.  That day I was honored to represent the patients’ voice on stage at HHS headquarters during the unveiling of Meaningful Use Stage One.  Those of us in the patient community had testified for a year about the importance of timely patient access to the electronic medical record.  We were very happy that HHS included patient access as a core measure.  We looked forward to further inclusion as we entered stage two.

On May 20, 2015, I hosted a protest in front of the same institution that once welcomed me and the other patient data rights activists with open arms.  CMS was considering reducing the requirement of stage 2 Meaningful Use from a requirement that 5% of patients must view, download or transmit in a reporting period to literally only one patient.  This is a slap in the face to all of the patients who have fought so hard for greater inclusion these past five years.

I urge you to reinstate the 5% threshold.  There have been great strides in the last five years in better population health outcomes through patient engagement.  Concurrent legislation from this administration has at its core a belief that access to care is a must for all citizens of our great nation.  Through such access patients can begin to control their own health destiny both economically and physically.    

On July 13, 2010, I stood on stage and represented all of the patients that depend on the data access rights granted in Meaningful Use.

You invited me to be their representative.  With that mantle still in place these many years later, I must insist you reinstate the 5% threshold.

Thank You,
Regina Holliday,
The Voice of the Patients and founder of The Walking Gallery"