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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Partnership with Patients Agenda

The Partnership With Patients Summit:
The first patient summit in Kansas City supported by crowd-funding, designed using social media with art by Regina Holliday

Patients, Providers and Health Professional from all over the United States will convene in Kansas City, Missouri, from September 21through September 23 to present speeches on Health Information Technology, Patient Safety and Quality and Media and the Message of Patient Advocacy. 

Partnership With Patients

For too long patient input has been an afterthought in health policy.

We are changing that.

This summit focuses on education, networking and partnership—of patients, providers, vendors and explains the relationship between government policy and patient advocacy.  Conference attendee’s will suggest ways to promote patient participation, learn about the effect of change and growth in the tech sector on patient advocacy, and use social media to further the voice of the patient in national health policy.

What makes this a must attend event?

The Partnership with Patients Summit is organized completely using the free tools of social media and by a loose confederation of advocates, providers and vendors volunteering their time.

The registration page is on eventbrite:

Partnership With Patients partially crowd-funded by both Medstartr and Health Tech Hatch 

The non-profit partner is the Society for Participatory Medicine who is helping fund patient travel scholarships,

Internationally recognized patient speakers such as Dave DeBronkart, Trisha Torrey and ReginaHolliday will be presenting.

The conference hashtag is #cinderblocks on twitter

                                                         #     #    #     #     #

Thank you to our Sponsors!

Partner logos healthCamp Logo

Event promotion, Patient Travel Funding and Sponsoring Lunch Saturday


pocket health



Thank you all of our other sponsors  Sponsors Revised M3

Friday 21, The Walking Gallery: 6:00pm to 8:00pm
To begin this conference The WalkingGallery gathers on Friday night Sept 21, Kansas City Marriott Downtown 200 West 12th Street, Kansas City, MO 64105 light refreshments will be served

Twitter hashtag: #TheWalkingGallery

The patient voice — in the form of the Walking Gallery of Healthcare art event —will arrive in Kansas City as walkers from throughout the nation will display the stories painted on their backs of business jackets. Internationally recognized patient rights art advocate Regina Holliday will debut her latest works. 
"It will be exciting to see so many new members of the Walking Gallery gather for this event. At this point, we have 160 walkers around world representing the patient view within medicine. I am proud to be a member of the Walking Gallery," said Holliday, the Washington, D.C.-based patient rights arts advocate.

Saturday 22, Registration begins at 7:30am
Cerner will host the Summit Saturday and Sunday at their educational facility at Cerner Educational Building 6711 NE Birmingham Rd  Kansas City, MO 64117
Coffee and breakfast will be served in the exhibition area 

Saturday Morning 8:00 am in room A  (this room we will record.)

Panel presentation by Society for Participatory medicine 8:30-9:10 
A series of 4x4 presentations from sponsors 9:15-9:45
Explain dividing into three tracks

HIT and Policy
Session 1
10:00-11:45 am first group of 25 patients go on shuttles to experience theatre on Cerner Campus
Session 2
12:00-1:45 pm second group of 25 patients go on shuttles to experience theatre on Cerner Campus

Patient Quality and Safety Room A

Session 1
10:00-10:45: Pat Mastors and Partnership with/for Patients
Session 2
11:00-11:45: Patient Speakers and SpeakerLink Panel: Trisha Torrey, Dave DeBronkart, Tiffany Peterson, Kait B Roe

Media and the Message Room B
(Social Media/Activism/Public Speaking)

Session 1 Bunny Ellerin  on media
Session 2 Social Media speaker TBA


HIT and Policy Room C
Session 3
2:00-2:45 Roy Foster: HIT and Meaningful Use 101
Session 4
3:00-3:45 HIT Pannel: What does tech have to do with it? Rosh Rubin, Joe Ketcherside and Jim Hansen

Patient Quality and Safety Room A
Session 3
12:30- 1:45 Device Safety Panel: Tobia Gilk on MRI, Joleen Chambers on Implantable Devices
Session 4
2:00-2:45 Ann Becker-Schutte, PhD and Bart Windrum on Hospice and End of Life
Session 5
3:00-3:45 Jari Holland Buck on Patient Safety

Media and the Message Room B
Session 3
12:30 -1:45 W. Ryan Neuhofel, DO, MPH: Doctors and Social Media
Session 4
2:00-2:45 Lisa Fields: Rocking the Power Point
Session 5
3:00-3:45  Michael Millenson on new media meets traditional media

Closing Remarks in Room A

Dinner Served 5:15-6:15

Ignite-style speeches, (20 slides 5 minutes) begin 6:30-8:00

Shuttle back to Marriott 8:15

Sunday Registration begins at 7:30 am Breakfast in exhibition space

HealthCamp, an unconference will be held on Sept 23rd in Kansas City as part of the Partnership with Patients summit. Mark your calendars for the weekend of September 21st -23rd. HealthCamp will cap off an exciting weekend at Cerner’s educational facility in Kansas City. Continuing the innovation learning approach from the previous days, patients, physicians, nurses, technologists, health system and policy leaders, payers and suppliers will create session topics the day of the event focused on "Empowering Patient Engagement." The unconference process and the Center for Total Health itself will create a flexible and energetic collaborative environment for participants. Check out the HealthCamp Foundation home page for other HealthCamp information. 

Greeting: 8:00 in room A
Break into unconference sessions 9:00 am/patient speaker boot-camp
Session rooms B,C,D,E,F,

Patient Speaker Boot camp stays in room A to record speeches
9:00 am to 12:00

Grid times for Unconference
9:00am -9:45
11:00- 11:45
12:00- 12:45 Lunch and good byes to early departures Exhibition space
1:00pm - 1:45
2:00-2:45 Wrap up in Room A

The conference hashtag is #cinderblocks on twitter

For more information about the summit and to receive media access with press credentials, contact @ReginaHolliday on twitter or 202-441-9664

About Partnership With Patients
This conference is two-fold in its mission. We will be working on strategies for a grass roots support the Partnership for Patients campaign. We will also help enable patients by providing a place to network, learn and grow as patient advocates that focus on health policy. You can read more about this on our website 

Calling all Patient Advocates

Calling all Patient Advocates!!!

Want to come to the Partnership with Patients Summit in KC September 21-23, 2012?  Need help with funding to get there?  The Society for Participatory Medicine a 501c3 non-profit is creating a scholarship fund and Pat Salber, MD decided to help.  She is currently launching a crowdfunding site called Health Tech Hatch that will enter public beta on Sept. 4.  It is currently in private beta and people are already pledging to support the fund.  She writes about the program here

You can register for the Partnership With Patients conference here.

Please spread the word!  This is a conference that is being designed with patients in full partnership with providers and venders and I really hope you can attend. 

So to make this super clear (with a little help from the amazing Trisha Torrey on editing)

Are you a patient who would like to apply for a travel scholarship to the Partnership With Patients Summit?

The Society of Participatory Medicine will be awarding 10 scholarships of $500 each.  Here are details and how to apply:

Write a (no more than) 500 word essay of why you should be granted a travel scholarship to attend the Partnership With Patients Summit.  Why should you be the person who receives the scholarship?  What can you offer to the people you connect with?  What can they offer you? What do you hope to do with what you learn? 

If you have your own blog, then post your essay on your blog, and tweet the link to Regina Holliday ( @ReginaHolliday) or post the link on her Facebook page ( )

If you do not have your own blog, then send the post, contained in an email (not attached) to Regina at  She will post your essay here on the Partnership with Patients website.

Deadline for submission is midnight, pacific time, September 8, 2012.

The essays will be reviewed by the committee at the Society for Participatory Medicine and winners will be notified by September 16.

Good luck!

Questions?  Contact  Regina Holliday at Partnership with Patients

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Invasion of the C.Diff

I often do things that frustrate my children.  Whether is singing loudly off-key or ruffling their hair in front of their friends, my response to their complaint is always the same.  “When I stop doing this you will know the pod people got me.”  I say this even though the children have no clue what the pod people are.  I say this even though in my deepest heart the pod people scare me.

Of all the films I saw as a child, two frightened me the most.  I am not talking about the surprised jump scare that is staple of the slasher movie.  I am talking about the kind of intellectual scare that keeps you up at night. The kind of scare that makes you plot and plan what you would do if you found yourself stuck within this horrific story.

Invaders from Mars” released in 1953 was a film you would not want to be stuck in.  The story followed a young boy who sees an object crash from the sky.  His father goes to investigate and comes back different.  He no longer acts like his father.  The boy sees more and more of the townsfolk change.  It is terrifying; no one is admitting that people are being replaced with doppelgangers.

The next horror epic etched within my mind was “Invasion ofthe Body Snatchers” 1956 and 1978.  In this tale people insist that imposters have replace their loved ones but the main character does not want to believe them at first.  He then finds out that giant plant pods contain alien replicas of earthlings.  These pod people replace and destroy their human counterparts.

Both films depict the body human being invaded and destroyed, first as an individual then as a species.  Which brings me to Pat Mastors and her jacket “Invasion of the C. Diff.”

"Invasion of the C. Diff." for Pat Mastors

Pat is an amazing advocate and speaker.  She is a photogenic beauty who was a television reporter before entering the world of advocacy.  In 2007, her whole world changed due to the invasion of a spore.

Have you heard of C. Difficile?   For the average Joe-citizen the answer is no.  Many people have heard of super-bugs and perhaps MRSA, but c. diff is often left out the media limelight.  I learned about it a few years ago when I was designing a painting.  I was talking to environmental specialist who works in a hospital.  He told me of all the nasty infection agents, he was most afraid of c.diff in the spore stage.  It was so hard to kill and most of his cleaning agents would not destroy the shell of this invader.

In about 3% of healthy adults and 70% of healthy infants c.diff is a naturally occurring bacteria in the intestines.  Its growth is kept in check by other bacteria.  When patients take an antibiotic, the bacteria balance is upset and many of the residing bacteria die.  If a patient ingests c.diff spores while they lack the necessary competing bacteria the c.diif bacteria will experience explosive growth.  The patient will experience flu-like symptoms and diarrhea.  The infection can grow to the point that patient is in anguish and is estimated to result in death in 25% of the elderly frail who contract the infection.

Pat Mastors knows all of this because in 2007 her father fell.  He got up in the night and fell down the stairs.  He was injured in the fall and needed surgery performed on his neck.  He acquired c. diff and died six months later. 

Pat was outraged.  No one seemed to know about c.diff and it was so very dangerous.  She began to blog about it.  She lay awake at night and pondered what could she do to protect people.  She created a plastic sleeve to cover TV remotes in hospitals.  The surface of the TV remote is one of the leading culprits in infection.  She tried to talk with hospital staff about needed safeguards to prevent hospital-acquired infections.

But like the plot of a scary science fiction movie people were not listening.  They ignored this danger from within and the idea that people were being colonized.  Pat was alone in her knowledge.  So within Pat’s painting, I place her staring in worry at a nameless woman in her pod.  Pat knows what will happen when spores descend.

Invasion of the C.Diff.

Not long ago Pat showed me the Patient Pod she created.  She has learned the lesson of her enemy and knows the strength of an impervious shell.  She created a plastic sleeve that mounts on a hospital bedrail with a special clip.  Here you can put your personal things. A photo of you and your family, your cell phone and some plastic sleeves for your remote.  You can keep your things safe and clean.  You can wash the pod off with a bleach solution that kills spores.

There are only two ways to fight c. diff: keep surfaces clean and limit overuse of antibiotics.  Pat is doing all she can as a patient advocate to save lives by providing clean surfaces.  Pat listed herproject on Medstarter.  I urge you to fund it.  She is saving lives and spreading awareness.  I will support her in her mission and if I ever stop doing that you will know …the pod people got me.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Walking Gallery in 17 Countries

The Walking Gallery is walking around the world and has members in 17 countries.

We also have Walkers in 40 states in the US. I hope before the end of 2020 to see a walker in every state. If you would to join us in The Walking Gallery here is the link:

If you want to donate to support our movement, you can do so here:

(There are currently 25 jackets in my to-do pile and hopefully some of them will be from states that do not have walkers, but if you know of excellent walkers or potential gallery artists please send them my way!)

We have 466 walkers wearing 516 jackets and each day some of them are walking and spreading the word about truly patient centered care and positive change in the world of medicine.

We also have 52 artists painting about these stories.

Thank you all! 

The artists of the gallery: (Children and Teen artists are in bold face)

1. Regina Holliday 431 jackets
2. Isaac Holliday, 2 jackets
3. Becca Price, 1 jacket
4. Miriam Cutelis, 1 jacket
5. Ess Lipczenko, 1 jacket
6. Ben Merrion 1 jacket
7. Courtney Mazza 6 jackets
8. Michele Banks 1 jacket
9. Megan Mitchell 1 jacket
10. Robert J. Filley 3 jackets
11. Anita Samarth 1 jacket
12. Mary Welch Higgins 2 jackets
13. Richard Sachs 2 jacket
14. Jonah Daniel 1 jacket
15. Fred Trotter 1 jacket
16. Leela 1 jacket
17. Gayle Schrier Smith, 1 Jacket
18. Moira Simms, 1 Jacket
19 Joan Holliday 1 Jacket
20 Adalyn 1 jacket
21.Chris Chan, 1 jacket
22. Amy O'Hanlon 1 jacket
23. Vera Rulon 3 jacket
24. Jessica Nicula 2 jacket
25. Nikai, 1 jacket
26. Deon, 1 jacket
27. Daquane, 1 jacket
28. Olivia Dias, 1 jacket
29. Donnell Bonaparte, 1 jacket
30. Hazel F, 1 jacket
31. Rachel Fields, 1 jacket
32. Zoe Carr, 1 jacket
33. Thomas Richardson, 1 jacket
34.  Tamela Mack, 1 jacket
35.  Julia Anderson, 1 jacket
36. DJ Hamilton, 1 jacket
37. Jenn Toby. 1 jacket
38. Camala Walling, 1 jacket
39. Jordan Lanham, 1 jacket
40. Josh Miller, 1 jacket
41.  Te'j Matthews, 1 jacket
42.  Anthony Ziegler,1 jaket
43. Shannon Shine, 2 jackets
44. Melody Smith Jones, 3 Jackets
45. Kay Seurat, 1 jacket
46. Danny McGinnest Jr., 5 jackets
47. Janice Lynn Schuster, 1 jacket
48. Kathleen R. Drake, 1 jacket
49. Ileana Balcu, 1 jacket
50. Virginia Lorenzi, 1 jacket
51. Soojin Jun, 1 jacket
52. Ginny DeBronkart, 1 jacket

DC Health Week HealthCamp - Walking Gallery 13160


In 2016 we had our first death in the Walking Gallery.  We loss Jess Jacobs.  Now several members of the Walking Gallery have died.  They walk where we can no longer see them.  If you see an asterisk by a name that person walks with us in spirit. 

1 Heather Leslie, Melbourne
2 Louise Schaper, Melbourne
3 Sam Bruinewoud, Melbourne
4 Catherine Crock, Melbourne
5 Carolyn Der Vartanian, Sydney, NSW
6 Michelle F Davis, Sydney, NSW
7 Lissa Smith, Sydney, NSW
8 Sanya Turalj, Sydney, NSW
9 Tara Dimopoulos Bick
10 Kath Mazella, Perth

Louise Schaper

Vincent Keunen, Liege

1 Colin Hung, Toronto, Ontario
2 Colleen Young, Toronto,Ontario
3 Carolyn Thomas, Victoria, BC
4 Natrice Rese, Timmins, Ontario
5 Kathy Kastner, Toronto, Ontario
6 Annette McKinnon, Toronto, Ontario
7 Kelly Grindrod, Kitchener,Ontario
8 Catherine Wilhelmy, Quebec
9 Marie-Michele Brodeur, Sherbrooke, Quebec
10 Marie-Claude Poulin, Quebec
11 Wendy Station, North Vancouver
12 Francisco Grajales, Toronto, Ontario
13 Deb Maskens, Guelph, Ontario
14 Chris McCamic, Ottawa
15. James Goertzen, Thunder Bay, Ontario
16. Rob Anderson, Sudbury, Ontario

Lissanthea Taylor, Shanghai

Jari Holland Buck

Kathi Apostolidis

1 Gangadhar Sulkunte
2 Mélanie Péron
3 Catherine Coste, Aix en Provence

Bertalan Mesko, Budapest

Jim van den Beuken, Nijmegen Area

Alice Mwongera

Morgan Stanley-Kominers

Kevin Ado

Fernando Martin-Sanchez, Madrid

South Africa
Vanessa Carter, Johannesburg

Christine Bienvenu, Morges

United Kingdom
1 Andrew Spong, Rustington, West Sussex, England
2  Catherine Coste, London, England
3 Jon Dowell, Scotland
4 Gina Neff, Oxford

United States of America: Districts/Commonwealths and Territories


1.                               Alabama
     Joe Lavelle, Fairhope

2.                              Alaska

3.                              Arizona
     Lorre Wisham, Tucson 
     Teresa Younkin 

4.                              Arkansas
      Lance Manning, Fayetteville 

5.                              California
1 Al Nikolai Kirienko- Berkley
2 Jamie Inman, Hollister
3 Christine Kraft, Los Gatos
4 Alan Greene, San Francisco
5 Matthew Holt, San Francisco
6 Katherine Arbansin, San Francisco
7 Karen Herzog, San Francisco
8 Manny Hernandez, San Francisco
9 Danielle Cass, San Francisco
10 Roni Zeiger, San Francisco
11 Amy Tenderich, SanFrancisco
12 Julia Hallisy, San Francisco
13 Ian Eslick, San Francisco
14 Chris Chan, San Francisco 
15 Richard Anderson, San Francisco
16 Christopher Snider, San Francisco
17 Alex Albin, Monterey
18 Pat Salber, Lakespur
19 Christian Liu, Los Angeles
20 Liza Bernstein, Los Angelos
21 Matthew Listiak, Los Angeles
22 Martine Ehrenclou, Los Angeles
23 Gregg Masters, San Diego
24 Katerina Jackson-Suchkova, San Diego
25 Becca Price, San Diego
26 Charles Denham, Palo Alto
27 Larry Chu, Palo Alto
28 Zoe Chu, Palo Alto (honorary)
29 Kristen Andrews, Monrovia
30 Amanda Greene, Culver City
31 Eric Topol, San Diego
32 Susan Hull, Healdsburg
33 Eileen Propp, San Ramon
34 Ellen Rose
35 Kate Munger, Inverness
36 Lori Marx-Rubiner*
37 Susan Eller, Los Gatos
38 Rajiv Mehta, Mountain View
39 John Mattison, Playa
40 Teresa Masters, Oceanside
41 Wen Dombrowski, LA
42 Bettina Experton, Del Mar
43 Bridget Duffy, San Francisco
44 Bryanna Gallaway, San Francisco
45 Kait B. Roe, Greenbrae
46Amanda Michelle Jones, Long Beach
47 Deven McGraw, Mountain View
48 Steven Lane, Palo Alto

6.                              Colorado
1 Kathy Nicholls, Pueblo
2 Ben Miller, Denver
3 Bart Windrum, Boulder
4 Elaine O'Bleness, Greeley
5 Adalyn, Denver
6 Fred Masoudi, Denver
7 Brian Be, Denver
8 Tracy Walsh, Basalt
9 Cathy Desautels, Carbondale
10 Erika Hanson Brown, Denver
11 Mary Anne Sterling, Denver

7.                              Connecticut
      1 Matthew Browning
      2 Randi Oster, Fairfield
      3 Alan Manning, Milford
      4 Denise Theil, Milford
      5 Steven F. Horowitz, Stamford
      6 Lisa Donnarumma, Derby
      7 Danielle Swift, Orange
      8 Kenneth Dobuler, Derby
      9 Jim Kinsey, Hamden
      10 Harlan Krumholz, New Haven
      11 Michael Bennick, Branford
      12 Frances K. Grace, Wilton
      13 Mary P. Griskewicz, Madison
      14 Jimmy weeks, New Haven


8.                              Delaware
      Jo Hamilton, Rehoboth Beach

9.                              #hcdc I'm in there somewhere #epicenter 

District of Columbia/Greater Washington Area
Valarie Barnes
Ann Bartlett
Dominique Beatty
Karen E. Blair
Susan Cantrell
Donna Cryer
Jodi Daniel
Jonah Daniel
Nick Dawson
Ladd Everitt
Lisa Emrich
Ted Eytan
Robert Filey
Susannah Fox
Jon Francke
Marsha Goodman-Wood
David Hale
Mary Welch Higgins
Lindsey Hoggle
Alisa Hughley
Karen Hwang
Jess Jacobs*
Leroy Jones
Nicole Kemper
Marilyn Langfeld
Howard Liebers
Courtney Mazza
Jake Miles-McLean
Robin Miles-Mclean
Ben Merrion
Megan Mitchell
Farzad Mostashari
John O’Brien
Lauree Ostrofsky
Todd Park
Elizabeth Prevou
Abigail Pritchard
Lygeia Ricciardi
Anita Samarth
Leila Samy
Josh Seidman
Emily Stewart
Liz Sherer
Chris Timm
Teresa Titus-Howard
Carol Torgan
Melinda Whatman
Trenor Williams
Eunita Winkey
William Wolf
Whitney Zatzkin
Caleb Picard
Erina Moriarty
Hassan Tetteh
Mike Pappas

DC Health Week HealthCamp - Walking Gallery 13297

10.                          Florida
1 Chiara Bell, Orlando
2 Carolyn Capern, Orlando
3 Coletta Dorado, Vero Beach
4 Bruce Ramshaw, Cooper City
5 Geeta Nayyar, Miami
6 Randa Peterson, Tallahassee
7 Mandi Bishop Meyers, St. Augustine
8 Andre Carbonell, Tallahassee
9 Jeri Burtchell, East Palatka
10 Trisha Torrey, Orlando
11 Catherine Berg, Destin
12 Tamara StClair, Jacksonville

11.                          Georgia
Donna Scott, Atlanta
Loran Cook, Atlanta
JoAnna Brogdon, Marietta
Allyson Burroughs, Atlanta
Bill Esslinger, Carollton
Sharon Hall, Cumming

12.                          Hawaii
      13. Idaho
14.                          Illinois
Michael Millenson, Chicago
Karen Curtiss, Chicago
JoAnn Klinedinst, Chicago
Martin J. Hatlie, Chicago
Paulo Machado, Chicago
Wendy White, Chicago
Kim Ball, Chicago
Gillian Cappiello, Elmhurst
Leah Grebner, Peoria
Neil Versel, Chicago
Max Stroud, Bloomington
Soojin Jun, Chicago

15.                          Indiana
Michele Behme, Indianapolis
Cathy Collet, Indianapolis
Brian Dixon, Indianapolis
Tom Krohn, Noblesville
Cherise Shockley, Indianapolis 
Gabriela Wilson, Evansville
Leigh Anne Naas, Indianapolis
Jerry Matczak*
Ignacio Edlm, Indianapolis 

16.                          Iowa
     Tom Evans, Johnston

17.                          Kansas
     Ryan Neuhofel, Lawrence
     Corinna West, Kansas City
     Casha Mills, Manhattan 

18.                          Kentucky
Ted Smith, Louisville
Kathy Neider, Louisville 

19.                          Louisiana
      Catherine Fairchild, Baton Rouge
      Troy Absire Sr.,  Lake Charles 
      Melissa Stewart, St. Francisville 
      Martin Johnson, Alexandria
      Karen DeSalvo, New Orleans 


20.                          Maine
Andrea Littlefield, Bangor
Shelley Cohen Konrad, Portland
Sue Woods, Portland
Liam Kemp, South Portland

21.                          Maryland
Maumi JC Chatterton, Baltimore
Mark Scrimshire, Baltimore
Karen Linder-Staubs, Baltimore
Nikai, Baltimore
Deon, Baltimore
Daquane, Baltimore
Donnell Bonaparte, Baltimore
Hazel F., Baltimore
Abdur Rahim Rahmaan, Baltimore
Dennis Wagner, Baltimore
Zoe Carr, Baltimore
Tamela Mack., Baltimore
Julia Anderson, Baltimore
Marilyn Mann, Kensington
Peter Levin, Silver Spring
Kym Martin, Germantown
Taylor Martin, Germantown
Joan Holliday, Granstsville
Regina Holliday, Grantsville
Freddie Holliday, Grantsville
Isaac Holliday Grantsville
Emily Shaw, Grantsville
Mia Jones, Baltimore
Aaron Smith, Hagerstown
Nick Van Terheyden, Olney
Michael Dias, Towson
Meryl Bloomrosen, Silver Spring
Shannah Koss, Silver Spring
Carly Medosch, Baltimore
Shannon Shine, Cumberland
Christopher Closson, Cumberland
Vicky Hinebaugh, Oakland
John Hinebaugh, Oakland*
Lisa Cahill Rodriguez, Frederick
Abby Bott, Odenton
Cynthia Dianne Heath, Bowie
Yael Harris, Laurel
Aaron Seib, Germantown
Janice Lynn Schuster, Riva
Debbie Swauger, Friendsville
Amy Klink, Friendsville
Genevieve Morris, Elkridge
Lisa Simpson, Bethesda

22.                          Massachusetts
      1 Keith Boone, Boston
      2 Abigail Boone, Boston
3 Alex Drane, Boston
      4 Nate Osit, Boston
      5 Janice McCallum, Boston
      6 David Harlow, Boston
      7 Don Fluckinger, Boston
      8 Alicia Staley, Boston
      9 Karen MacDonald, Boston
      10 Catherine Rose, Boston
      11 Gonzalo Bacigalupe
      12 Suzanne Carter, Boston
      13 Danny van Leeuwen
      14 Richard Corder, Ipswich
      15 Jonathan Bush, Cambridge
      16 Amy Heymans, Swampscott
      17 Liz Boehm, Cambridge
      18Tami Rich, Ashland
      19 Pat Rioux, Bolton
      20 Matt Fisher, Worcester
      21 Mandy Long, Acton
      22 Alexis Snyder

David and Regina

23.                           Michigan

Cindy Throop, Ann Arbor
      Rob Sharrow, Detroit  
      Amy Lynn Smith, Birmingham
      Leslie Rott, Southfield
      Brian Mack, Grand Rapids 
      Danna Merritt, Troy

24.                          Minnesota
Gary Oftedahl, Minneapolis
Victor Montori, Rochester
Steven Baker, Fountain
AJ Montpetit, Rochcester
Judith Zerbe, Edina

25.                          Mississippi

26.                          Missouri
1 Joe Ketcherside: Kansas City
2 Tobias Gilk, Kansas City
3 David Sides, Kansas City
4 Clay Patterson, Kansas City
5 Kourtney Govro, Kansas City
6 Ann Becker-Schutte, Kansas City
7 Brian Carter, Kansas City
8 John Spertus, Kansas City
9 Siobhan Champ-Blackwell, Kansas City
10 Aja La'Starr, St. Louis
11 Adrienne Robinson Drapper, St Louis
12 Kristi Pena, Richland

27.                          Montana

28.                          Nebraska

   Carol Wahl, Kearney

29.                          Nevada 
          Jason Grattini, Las Vegas

30.                          New Hampshire
       Dave deBronkart
       Megan Sargent Grocki, Portsmouth
       Lori Nerbonne, Bow

31.                          New Jersey
1 Ileana Balcu, Woodbridge
2 Mindy Schwartz-Brown
3 Catherine Costa, Morristown
4 Michael Weiss, West Orange
5 David Dubin, Haworth

32.                          New Mexico

33.                          New York
Steven Davidson, Brooklyn 
Jason Bhan, NY
Craig Lipset,NY
Alex Fair, NY
Amy Romano, NY
Dale Ann Micalizzi, Schenectady
Emily Hackel, NY
Esther Dyson, NY
Moira Simms, NY
Sue Ribaudo, NY
Susan Frampton, NY
Mike Riz, NY
Vera Rulon, South Nyack
Anthony Ziegler, Bronx
Alice Loveys, Pittsford
Stacey Conklin, Long Beach
Benjamin Berlin, Staten Island
Riva Greenburg, Brooklyn
Kim Nazi, Coxsackie
Virginia Lorenzi, NY
John Phelan, NY
Gail Zahtz, Pomona
Marie -Michelle Strah, NY

34.                          North Carolina
1 Richard Payne, Durham*
2 Lisa Fields, Greensborro
3 Sarah E. Kucharski, Canton
4 Liza Sisler, Raleigh-Durham 
5 Andre Blackman, Raleigh-Durham
6 Alice Hughley, Durham
7 James Spicka, Wilmington
8 Melissa Phipps, Winston-Salem
9. Todd Rowland, Chapel Hill
10 Tiffany Peterson, Raleigh

35.                          North Dakota

36.                          Ohio
1 Sunnie Southern, Cincinnati
2 Michael Seid, Cincinnati
3 Laura Kolaczkowski, Beavercreek
4 John Sharp, Cleveland Heights
5 Jenn Lonzer, Cleveland Heights
6 Sarah Cawley, Medina
7 Jenny Pettit, Philadelphia
37.                          Oklahoma
      John Krueger, Tulsa
      Esther Fischer, Enid*
      Kimberly Hayes, Sapulpa

38.                          Oregon
1 Lizzie Dunklee, Eugene
2 Amy Birney, Eugene
3 Brian Ahier, Portland
4 Amy Fellows, Portland
5 Helen Ying, Portland
6 Jesika Gavilanes, Portland 

39.                          Pennsylvania
Bill Fisher, Allentown
Cindy Fisher, Allentown
Amy Edgar, Allentown
David Lee Scher, Harrisburg
Jane Sarasohn-Kahn, Philadelphia
Mary Ellen Mannix
Koreen Olbrish, Philadelphia
Kate Cartwright-Knodel, Yardley
Ken Congdon, Erie
Mary Cattolico Camp, Upper Holland
Mary Beth Navarra-Sirio, Pittsburgh 
Wanda Cronrath, Kutztown
Steph Hanzl, Whitehall
Mary Jo Shields, Coopersburg 
Christine Kurtz, Catasauqua
John O'Donnell, Pittsburgh
Robb Fulks, Reading
Angela Radcliffe, Huntingdon
Rachel Fields, Huntingdon
Erin Moore, Hummelstown

40.                          Puerto Rico
Antonio Fernandez

41.                          Rhode Island
Pat Mastors, Providence
Kerri Sparling, Providence

42.                          South Carolina
Helen Haskell, Columbia
Mark Johnson, Blue Ridge

43.                          South Dakota

44.                          Tennessee
       1 Linda Stotsky, Nashville
       2 Jane Englebright, Nashville
       3 Jason Wolf, Nashville      
       4 Tiffani Doyle, Franklin
       5 Leslie Hayes, Dryersburg
       6 Amy Gleason, Nashville

45.                          Texas
Fred Trotter, Houston
Kenneth Wells, Houston
Joleen Chambers, Dallas
Camea Kirkpatrick, Dallas
Melissa Ariate Jarvis, Dallas
Laura Slayton, Austin
Phyllis Goetz, Grapevine
Clarence "Reggie" Williams, San Antonio
Mike Finley, Texarkana 
Liz Johnson, Grapevine
Stephen Scott, Fort Worth

46.                          Utah 
1 Michelle Litchman, Salt Lake City
2 Lauretta Sechrest, Bountiful

47.                          Vermont  
      Katie McCurdy, Burlington
      Karen Hein, Jacksonville

48.                          Virginia

Josh Rubin, Arlington
      Casey Quinlan-Richmond*
David Collins, Richmond
Richard Upton, Richmond
Angela Lynn- Charlottesville 
Heidi Sitcov, Springfield
       Gayle Schrier Smith, Richmond
      Kimberley Gould Crawley, Ashburn
Robin Strongin, Arlington
      Brandon Jones, Roanoke
      Sally Okun, White Stone.         
      Ilhee Bae, Clifton
      Jan Oldenburg, Richmond

49.                          Washington
Wendy Sue Swanson, Seattle
Dana Lewis, Seattle
Leah Marcotte, Seattle
Corey Spears, Renton
Sherry Reynolds, Seattle

50.                          West Virginia
       Ross Martin, Berkeley Springs

51.                          Wisconsin
     Amy Throndsen, Madison
     Mary Drake, Verona

52.                          Wyoming