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Sunday, July 23, 2017

The Walking Gallery Year 7: May 31, 2017- June15, 2018

This is the seventh year of the Walking Gallery of Healthcare.  We now number 451 members walking around the world with patient story paintings on our backs.  We are attending medical conferences where often there isn’t a patient speaker on the dais or in the audience. We are providing a patient voice, and by doing so, are changing the conversation.

An artist or artists interviews medical professionals and lay individuals to form a patient centric narrative. The artist then creates representational imagery and paint that picture story upon the business jacket of the provider of the narrative account. The provider of the patient story aka “Walker” wears the jacket to medical conferences and events in order to disseminate the patient story to a large group of policy minded attendees and to represent the individual patient voice in venues where they are underrepresented. Further, both artist and walker will support the spread of the story and image via social media.

As of June 2018, 451 unique Walkers have joined the Gallery wearing 500 jackets.  The Gallery has representatives on six continents, but the majority of Walkers reside in the US. One artist creates the majority of the art, but new artists are frequently joining the movement.  The Gallery is promoted heavily on twitter, facebook and personal blogs.   Its widening appeal within the health conference community is creating a new space for patients at such events.

If you are interested in joining the Walking Gallery here is the info:

If you would like to help fund the movement: 

Here is a short film about the movement:

The names of the Artists of The Walking Gallery followed by the quantity of jackets they have painted:  
1. Regina Holliday, 429 jackets
2. Isaac Holliday, 2 jacket
3. Becca Price, 1 jacket
4. Miriam Cutelis, 1 jacket
5. Ess Lipczenko, 1 jacket
6. Ben Merrion, 1 jacket
7. Courtney Mazza, 8 jackets
8. Michele Banks, 1 jacket
9. Megan Mitchell,1 jacket
10. Robert J. Filley, 3 jackets
11. Anita Samarth, 1 jacket
12. Mary Welch Higgins, 2 jackets
13. Richard Sachs, 2 jackets
14. Jonah Daniel,  1 jacket
15. Fred Trotter, 1 jacket
16. Leela, 1 jacket
17. Gayle Schrier Smith, 1 jacket
18. Moira Simms, 1 jacket
19. Joan Holliday, 1 jacket
20. Adalyn, 1 jacket
21. Chris Chan, 1 jacket
22. Amy O'Hanlon, 1 jacket
23. Vera Rulon, 3 jackets
24. Jessica Nicula, 2 jackets
25. Nikai, 1 jacket
26. Deonm, 1 jacket
27. Daquane, 1 jacket
28. Olivia Dias, 1 jacket
29. Donnell Bonaparte, 1 jacket
30. Hazel F., 1 jacket
31. Rachel Fields, 1 jacket
32. Zoe Carr, 1 jacket
33. Thomas Richardson, 1 jacket
34. Tamela Mack, 1 jacket
35. Julia Anderson, 1 jacket
36. DJ Hamilton, 1 jacket
37. Jenn Toby, 1 jacket
38. Camala Walling, 1 jacket
39. Jordan Lanham, 1 jacket
40. Josh Miller, 1 jacket
41.  Te'j Matthews, 1 jacket
42.  Tony Zieger, 1 jacket
43.   Shannon Shine, 2 jackets
44.   Melody Smith. 4 jackets
45.  Kay Seurat, 1 jacket
46.  Danny McGinnest Jr., 5 jackets

47. Janice Lynn Schuster, 1 Jacket

For more information about joining the movement or to see all 400 plus jackets, please scroll to the bottom of this post.

The Walking Gallery members who had jackets painted in Year Seven:

500. "The Second Collision" a jacket for Kim Nazi 

499. "Hashimoto" a jacket for Kimberly Hayes

498. "Dueling Wants and Dueling Wands" for Mandy Long

497. "Homework" painted and worn by Isaac Holliday

496. "Alive And Kickn" a jacket for David Dubin

495. "Everlasting Love" a jacket for Debbie Swauger

494. "HealthHATS" a jacket for Danny van Leeuwen

493. "Collaboration" a jacket for Steven Lane

492. "Medical Negligence" a jacket for Amy Klink 

491. "Pal Town" painted by Vera Rulon for Erika Hanson Brown

490: "Alone in a Dark Wood" a jacket worn and painted by Janice Lynn Schuster. 

489: "Remember" a jacket for Sharon Hall

488. "Sepsis" a jacket for Mark Johnson

487. "Stopping the Spin" a jacket for Mike Pappas 

486. "Beyond 6 Months" a jacket for Kristi Pena

485. "Strength in Numbers" a jacket worn and painted by Vera Rulon 

484. "The Meaning of the Law" a jacket for Matt Fisher 

483. "Join Us" a jacket for Brian Mack painted by Melody Smith

482. "20+ weeks" a jacket for Tara Dimopoulos Bick 

481. "12 Steps" a jacket for Ashley Elliott

480. "There is Always Hope" a jacket for Panha Chheng

479. ¿QuĂ© tienes?" a jacket for Ignacio Edlm

478. "Love everlasting for all of Eternity" a jacket for Soojin Jun

477."The Ocean of Need" a jacket for Felicia Schrock

476."The Patterns That Surround Us." a jacket for Aaron Seib

475. "Are you for change?" a jacket for Jason Grattini

474. "The Futurist" a jacket for Bertalan Mesko

473. "Condensing a Life" a jacket for Pat Rioux

Read: to understand the origin of the Walking Gallery. to understand the sacred nature of this path

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