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Friday, March 4, 2016

How do you join The Walking Gallery?

If you are interested in joining the Walking Gallery here is the info:

Here is a short film about the meaning of the movement:

The Walking Gallery of Healthcare from Eidolon Films on Vimeo.

Here is an artist instructional video explaining how we paint the jackets:

to understand the origin of the idea. to understand the sacred nature of this path

To view the jackets in year one 1-162

To view the jackets of year two 163-251

To view jackets of year three 252-328

To view jackets year four 329 - 393

To view jackets of year five 394 - 430

The Rules of The Walking Gallery:  What you need to do to be a member: 

1.  Promise that you will wear this jacket to conferences and public events at least 2-3 times per year in order to spread awareness of the power of the patient voice. Signifying you understand that a Walking Gallery jacket is to be worn. It should not to be placed upon the wall as a static canvas nor sold to another.  This gift is freely given between artist and walker.  The Walking Gallery is a movement open to all and you will proudly walk this path to help others. You can also ask a friend to be a proxy walker at event, just make sure they understand your story and the concept of the Walking Gallery.

2.  Send a business jacket. Please do not send jackets made of seersucker, corduroy, knit, denim, leather or stretch fabric, as they are hard to paint on. Absolutely do not send stretch fabric.  We cannot paint on stretch fabric, as the painting will shred.  You can check to see if a jacket is stretch by trying to pull at the fiber on the horizontal. Fabrics that usually work well are poly-blends, linen, cotton and wool. Also you might want to buy a jacket a size larger than you usually wear as the painting will stiffen the back and make it harder to close the buttons. Black is the preferred color as it does not show wear, but any color is welcome.

Also this is a business jacket on purpose, we are painting on the “uniform” of the conference attendee.  We have painted on a handful of lab coats, usually for staff that are willing to wear them to work.  If we paint on your lab coat, you must be willing to wear it to a conference or public event. 

Please ship the jacket to 189 Main Street, Grantsville, MD 21536 if you would like it painted by Regina Holliday.

Please private message Melody Smith Jones on Facebook if you would like her to paint your jacket. 

3.  Tell me your life/patient story, your patient-centered concept that is the center of why you work in health and medicine. Please include personal details of your life so I can more fully realize your image.  You can tell me which story elements you do not wish to publicly disclose in text, but it does help to know the underlying experiences and conditions that are the source of your mission. Please send via email with some pictures if possible of yourself or the people in your story to  If you don't want to provide a picture, that’s okay, I have a vivid imagination.  Also please print it out and send with jacket so I can keep track of jackets and their stories.

4.  Artists can participate by painting their own jacket or another's or both.

5.  This movement is spread and organized through social media.  You will need to use twitter or Facebook to support the mission.  I am using Twitter hashtag to link us all together so please tweet about your jacket appearances under #TheWalkingGallery

6.  You are free to use the image in your own advocacy mission; I also retain the right to reproduce the image for advocacy purposes and write about your mission in areas you are comfortable with disclosing. 

7.  Donations are welcome to offset the cost of paint and shipping, but are not required and you cannot buy a jacket painting. (Donations are welcome but never required)

8.  Any venue can host a gathering, but they must be willing to invite Walking Gallery members that are not part of the conference or official event. There is only one gallery, no regional ones.  We are all members of the same movement.

You are joining a movement and this is a sacred oath to walk the walk and spread the word. 

Welcome to the Gallery.

Any questions?

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