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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Walking Gallery Year 4: June 16, 2014- June 4, 2015

This is the fourth year of the Walking Gallery of Healthcare.  We now number 357 members walking around the world with patient story paintings on our backs.  There are 43 artists in the Gallery and all of them are listed at the bottom of this post. 

This "walking wall" is changing minds and opening hearts.  They are attending medical conferences where often there isn’t a patient speaker on the dais or in the audience.   They are providing a patient voice, and by doing so, are changing the conversation.

An artist or artists will interview medical professionals and lay individuals to form a patient centric narrative. The artist will then create representational imagery and paint that picture story upon the business jacket of the provider of the narrative account. The provider of the patient story aka “Walker” will wear the jacket to medical conferences and events in order to disseminate the patient story to a large group of policy minded attendees and to represent the individual patient voice in venues where they are underrepresented. Further, both artist and walker will support the spread of the story and image via social media.

As of June 2015 , 357 unique Walkers have joined the Gallery wearing 393 jackets.  The Gallery has representatives on five continents, but the majority of Walkers reside in the US. One artist creates the majority of the art, but new artists are frequently joining the movement.  The Gallery is promoted heavily on twitter, facebook and personal blogs.   Its widening appeal within the health conference community is creating a new space for patients at such events.

For more information about joining the movement please scroll to the bottom of this post.

Year Four:
393. "Walk to School" a jacket for Isaac Holliday

392.  "A time of showers." a jacket for Vicky Hinebaugh

391. "The Helmet" a jacket for John Hinebaugh

390. A jacket for Christopher Closson painted by Shannon Shine

389. "No Going Back to the Past" a jacket for Erina Moriarty

388. "Empathy" a jacket for Caleb Picard

387."Seeing the steps before you" and jacket for Michael Weiss

386. "Metamorphosis" a jacket for Lisa Cahill Rodriguez by artist Courtney Mazza

385. 'The Power of Scatter" a jacket for A.J. Montpetit

384. "The Grass is Always Greener on the Other Side." a jacket painted and worn by Shannon Shine

383. "HIT in us and among us" a jacket for Alice Loveys

382. "I got your 1 patient here." a jacket for Casey Quinlan

381. "Thank You" a jacket painted and worn by Tony Zieger

380. "My Medicine" a jacket for Carly Medosch

379.  "Wilson" a jacket for Gabriela Wilson

378. "All That is Precious" a jacket for Jason Wolf

377."Transplant Team" a jacket painted and worn by Tony Zieger

376 "Give Back" a jacket for James Hooten by artist Jenn Toby.

375."Helping Hand" a jacket for Lynn Rippy by artist Camala Walling

374 "Confronting" a jacket for Steve Huey by artist Jordan Lanham.

373. "Chocolate Pudding to Chocolate Eyes" a jacket for Kelly K by artist Josh Miller.

372. "More Than Pride" a jacket for Robert Tinker by artist Te'j Matthews

371. "Floating" a jacket for Amy Heymans

370. "A Pause for Station Identification" a jacket for Wendy Station

369. "Shattered" a jacket for Catherine Coste

368. "Origin Story" a jacket for Jonathan Bush 

367. "MO Dairy" a jacket for Amy Throndsen

366. "My Heart" a jacket for Joanna Brogdon

365."Community" a jacket for John Sharp

364. "Tick Tock,Tick Talk" a jacket for Fernando Martin-Sanchez

363. "Reconciliation" a jacket for Vanessa Carter

362. "Helen, The Fearless" a jacket for Helen Ying

361."The Cupboard Was Bare" a jacket for Shannah Koss

360. "Butterflies" a jacket for  Mélanie Péron

359. "Rolling the Dice" a jacket for Lorre Wisham

358."Silos" a jacket for Keith Boone

357."Antibiotic Apocalypse" a jacket for Kelly Grindrod

355."Watching Them Grow" a jacket for Megan Sargent Grocki

354. "Generations" a jacket for John Mattison

353. "With This Ring" a jacket for Cherise Shockley

352. "Saving Her" a jacket for Martin Johnson

351. "Praying with You" a jacket for Kenneth Wells

350. "Another Day Before Us" a jacket for Mike Finley

349."The Legacy of a Free Lunch" a jacket for Karen DeSalvo

348. "Missed" a jacket for Meryl Bloomrosen

347. "It's a Mystery" a jacket for Annette McKinnon

346.  "Understanding Empathy" a jacket for James Spicka

345. "This Pearl of Great Price" a jacket for Clarence "Reggie" Williams

344. "We Can Do It" a jacket for Amy Lynn Smith

343. "My Diabetes Secret" a jacket for Christopher Snider

342. "Threshold" a jacket painted and worn by Julia Anderson

341. "The Golden Kidney" a jacket painted by Tamela Mack

340. "The Outside In" a jacket painted by Zoe Carr and Thomas Richardson for Zoe Carr

339. "Release" a jacket for Lauree Ostrofsky

338.  "Rainbow Road" painted by Courtney Mazza and Worn by Abdur-Rahim Rahmaan

337. "On the Other Side of the Wall" a jacket painted and worn by Rachel Fields

336.  "Sorry For Your Loss" a jacket painted and worn by Hazel F.

335.  "Donnell 2" a jacket painted and worn by Donnell Bonaparte

334.  "Decisions" a jacket painted by Olivia Dias for Michael Dias

333. "War" a jacket worn and painted by Daquane

332.  "Red Phoenix"

331. "Rainbow Phoenix" a jacket worn and painted by Nikai

300.  "Choices" a jacket for Karen Linder-Staubs

329. "The Foundation of My Life" a jacket for Kathy Nieder

The Artists of The Walking Gallery:

1. Regina Holliday 338 jackets
2. Isaac Holliday 6 yrs, 1 jacket
3. Becca Price, 1 jacket
4. Miriam Cutelis, 1 jacket
5. Ess Lipczenko, 1 jacket
6. Ben Merrion 1 jacket
7. Courtney Mazza 8 jackets
8. Michele Banks 1 jacket
9. Megan Mitchell 15 yrs 1 jacket
10. Robert J. Filley 3 jackets
11. Anita Samarth 1 jacket
12. Mary Welch Higgins 2 jackets
13. Richard Sachs 2 jackets
14. Jonah Daniel 5yrs  1 jacket
15. Fred Trotter 1 jacket
16. Leela 7yrs 1 jacket
17. Gayle Schrier Smith 1 jacket
18. Moira Simms 1 jacket
19. Joan Holliday 1 jacket
20. Adalyn 1 jacket
21. Chris Chan 1 jacket
22. Amy O'Hanlon 1 jacket
23. Vera Rulon 1 jacket
24. Jessica Nicula 2 jackets
25. Nikai 1 jacket
26. Deonm, 10years, 1 jacket
27. Daquane, 1 jacket
28. Olivia Dias, 1 jacket
29. Donnell Bonaparte, 1 jacket
30. Hazel F., 1 jacket
31. Rachel Fields, 1 jacket
32. Zoe Carr, 1 jacket
33. Thomas Richardson, 1 jacket
34. Tamela Mack, 1 jacket
35. Julia Anderson, 1 jacket
36. DJ Hamilton, 1 jacket
37. Jenn Toby. 1 jacket
38. Camala Walling, 1 jacket
39. Jordan Lanham, 1 jacket
40. Josh Miller, 1 jacket
41.  Te'j Matthews, 1 jacket
42.  Tony Zieger 239
43   Shannon Shine, 2

If you are interested in joining the Walking Gallery here is the info:

to understand the origin of the idea. to understand the sacred nature of this path

To view the jackets in year one 1-162

To view the jackets of year two 163-251

To view jackets of year three 252-328

Logistics of the Walking Gallery:  What you need to do to be a member: 

1.  Promise that you will wear this jacket to conferences and public events at least 2-3 times per year in order to spread awareness of the power of the patient voice.

2.  Send a business jacket. Please do not send jackets made of seersucker, corduroy, knit, denim, leather or stretch fabric, as they are hard to paint on.  Also this is a business jacket on purpose, we are painting on the “uniform” of the conference attendee.  Fabrics that work well are poly-blends, linen, cotton and wool. Also you might want to by a jacket a size larger than you usually do as the painting will stiffen the back and make it harder to close the buttons.  

3.  Tell me your life/patient story, your patient-centered concept that is the center of why you work in health and medicine. Please include personal details of your life so I can more fully realize your image.  You can tell me which story elements you do not wish to publically disclose in text, but it does help to know the underlying experiences and conditions which are the source of your mission. Please send via email with some pictures if possible of yourself or the people in your story.  If you don't want to provide a picture, that’s okay, I have a vivid imagination.  Also please print it out and send with jacket so I can keep track of jackets and their stories.

4.  Artists can participate by painting their own jacket or another's or both.

5.  This movement is spread and organized through social media.  You will need to use twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc. to support the mission.  I am using Twitter hash tag to link us all together so please tweet about your jacket appearances under #TheWalkingGallery

6.  You are free to use the image in your own advocacy mission; I also retain the right to reproduce the image for advocacy purposes and write about your mission in areas you are comfortable with disclosing. 

7.  Donations are welcome to offset the cost of paint and shipping, but are not required and you cannot buy a jacket painting.  You are joining a movement and this is a sacred oath to walk the walk and spread the word.

(If you like the health activism work I do and want to support it in a sustaining way you can donate to my @gittip account:  but it is in no way required. )

Welcome to the Gallery.

Any questions?