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Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Million Puppet March

I love people who will not abide injustice.

I honor those brave regular folks who jump up and demand action even if they have no funding or safety net.

I especially relate if they have gone through their own personal hell, yet still stand up for others.

I found such a person in Chris Meecham. He is a student who lives in Idaho.  When he heard recent remarks during the presidential debate that a candidate was considering defunding public broadcasting, he decided he must do something.  Then he did a very scary thing; he spoke about politics on his blog and began to organize The Million Puppet March in DC on November 3rd to support continued funding for Public Broadcasting.

Michael Bellavia an animation executive was in Los Angeles and thinking the same kind of thoughts.  Originally the event was entitled The Million Muppet March, but in a desire to be inclusive they renamed it the Million Puppet March. They joined forces and created a website and a Facebook page and a Twitter account.  Then they worked on getting permits to host an event across the country in DC.  Which is not for the faint of heart.

Now they need your help with fundraising.  They created a crowd-funding account on indiegogo.  They need to raise at least 10k in the next week to fund the minimum permitting costs.  Please donate. Even a small amount will help.

Chris and Michael are really sticking their necks out.  They have entered the political fray in the name of all that is PBS. I have done this in the world of patient rights.  I know how mean the comments field can get when you stand up for the down trodden.  So I firmly support this attempt to fight back with laughter, puppets and marching.


I will march with them, for I too have puppets.  They are Henson-style Muppets focused on Blue Button and Patient Rights.  We very much appreciate the amazing health education that has been provided by public broadcasting, from hygiene lessons on Sesame Street to explaining hospice on Frontline.  I am glad to join forces with Chris, Michael and the 600 other puppeteers who plan to attend.

And in case you have not seen it, this was the way my late husband Fred said goodbye to his sons in hospice a few weeks before he died. 

He did it with puppets.

Please donate to the cause.  I hope to see you there I have a lot of puppets to share.  Let me know if you can march with us.

Join Us 11/3/2012 10am ET in Washington DC in Lincoln Park. 11am March to Capitol Reflecting Pool for 1pm ET Rally. 2pm ET Global Tweet: "I support continued public funding of public media. #MPM2012"


  1. You never cease to amaze me. What an awesome thing. Makes me wish I lived closer to DC again!

  2. WIDE-MOUTH FROG JOKE! OMG! I *love* that joke, have told it (several versions, grown-up and kid-friendly) for years, but not lately. Fred's telling is both hysterical and penetratingly wistful. Wow.

    1. :) You would have loved Fred. He loved jokes and funny stories just like you.

  3. You know I'd be there with you if I could, Regina - but there's no way that I could possibly get down to D.C. (aside from the fact that I don't have a passport ... there are the other issues). However - I shall definitely be with you in spirit - and I've posted this article to my fb page and Twitter as well - hopefully that will help with the exposure a bit.

    I hope and pray that this takes off beyond the wildest dreams of everyone involved ... if you could get the attention of someone from the Daily Show or Stephen Colbert I'm SURE they would give you a big plug - they're so behind this sort of thing (as I'm sure you're aware) ... Lizz Winstead, the creator of the Daily Show, is on Twitter ... maybe if you can get her attention (hey - it's worth a shot, right?) - I'm not sure if that's the correct spelling of her last name - you can Google her for certainty - crap - so can I - yes - that's how it's spelled - Winstead ... see if you can track her down ... she has "his ear" as it were. You'll never catch Stewart himself - he's "protected" - but ... she would be easier to get to (so to speak ... Jesus ... it sounds like we're plotting something nefarious ... I'm NOT!).

    That's all ... good luck! Don't let the puppets be silenced! (I'm practising ventriloquism, so this is near and dear to my heart - I'm using a cheapo skunk puppet - non-mechanical ... would really like to move up to something better but ... I'm spending my money on my collection ... of tattoos!).

    Take care, my friend!