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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Frederick Allen Holliday, II PhD from A to Z

Last night I posted a reminder that my late husband Fred's birthday anniversary is approaching and wanted to remind everyone to see a film in his honor on March 31st.  A new friend mentioned it would be nice to know about Fred.  So I could right about him.  I could tell you how much I loved the way he made his hand into a puppet.  I could tell you that Fred could recite the entire Star Wars film from memory.  I recount many soulful and deep things about Fred.  But Fred was funny and irreverent.  I thought you might prefer learning about Fred from Fred.

So thank God for the Facebook note memes clogging status walls February of 2009.  We truly cherish this now.


A-z pass along

by Frederick Holliday on Wednesday, February 4, 2009 at 10:20pm ·

Sorry to you all, but I just can't help myself (though I was able to refrain from tagging my dear wife who has made it quite clear she does NOT like these note-memes). This one is pretty self explanatory. If you do it, have fun. If you don't, how can I stop? Please God I wanna stop!

- Available: nope
- Age: 38 (for a little less than two more months)
- Annoyance: Mostly myself
- Animal: dogs
- Actor: Right now, Bruno Ganz

- Beer: A fond memeory from my past
- Birthday/Birthplace: March 31, 1970, Cumberland MD
- Best Friends: (historically) Alex Hicks, Greg Holtschneider (though the creep refuses to facebook), Jeff Miller, Chris Meissner
- Body Part on desired sex: brain
- Best feeling in the world: Issac and Freddie laughing together
- Best weather: Warm spring Saturday
- Been in Love: Still am
- Been on stage?: yes, I was a theatre major once upon a time.
- Believe in yourself?: yes and no. mostly no.
- Believe in life on other planets: Of course.
- Believe in miracles: define the term more specifically and I'll answer. I've seen some darn strange things, but they just as easily could have been coincidences.
- Believe in magic: no
- Believe in God: yes, but I've got a lot of questions for him/her
- Believe in Satan: yes
- Believe in Santa: no
- Believe in ghosts/spirits: See my answer to the "miracles" question.
- Believe in evolution: without a damn doubt!

- Car: 2004 Chevy Cava-something, I don't know cars. We're buying a new one soon.
- Candy: Twix
- Color: oddly enough, olive green
- Cried in school: Ahahahahahahahahaha (that's for all my undergrad friends out there!)
- Chinese/Mexican: wo fei chang xi.huan zhong.guo fan.le!
- Cake or pie: pumpkin pie is the most delicious thing on the whole damn planet! (Apologies to Donkey)
- Country to visit: Britan or China

- Day or Night: Night - better TV
- Dream vehicle: don't really have one
- Dance: not if my life depended on it
- Dance in the rain?: nope
- Do the splits?: are you kindding?

- Eggs: Over easy, scrambled, or hard-boiled.
- Eyes: Blue
- Ever failed a class? A few. Most esp. high school geometry where I actually competed to get the lowest grade in the course.
- First crush: Andrea Nofziger (age 2 - 6)
- Full name: Frederick Allen Holliday II
- First thoughts waking up: Are the boys up yet?
- Food: meat, glorious meat.

- Greatest Fear: something happening to my boys
- Giver or taker: No comment
- Goals: Find more permanent full time work
- Gum: very very rarely
- Get along with your parents?: very much!
- Good luck charm: Russian bill given to me by the great John Carter Tibbetts!
- The perfect Guy: Weirdly, David Mamet

- Hair: all but gone... dammit!
- Height: 5'8"
- Happy: varies
- Holiday: Christmas, though the reason has shifted in the last decade
- How do you want to die: while sleeping
- Health freak?: Not as much as I'd like, though better than I used to be.
- Hate: the inability to value an opinion different from one's own.

- Ice Cream: cookies'n'cream
- Instrument: none

- Jewelry: Wedding Ring
- Job: Best one in the world!

- Kids: 2 great boys!
- Kickboxing or karate: neither
- Keep a journal?: no, my memory's currently pretty good.

- Love: Reg, Reg, Reg. She's taught me all I know about it.
- Letter: F (it has so many uses)
- Laughed so hard you cried: Issac: "I not nice. I ANGRY!!!!!!!!"
- Love at first sight: Actually, yeah. It's how I fell for Regina.

- Milk flavor: I no longer drink milk
- Movie: Changes from minute-to-minute
- Mooned anyone?: Good God no. That wouldn't be good for anyone!
- Marriage: 15 years last 12/26
- Motion sickness? no

- Number of siblings: two, though we barely speak.
- Number of piercings: none
- Number: 24fps

- Overused phrases: Know what I mean?
- One wish: happiness for my boys
- Phobia: Too many to list (highlights: heights, tornados, social situations, small spaces)

- Place you'd like to live: NYC - for a little while anyway
- Perfect Pizza: Armands
- Pepsi/Coke: I no longer drink soda

- Quail: Yummy, but a rare meal for me.
- Questionnaires: Revealing and fun. Also: annoying.

- Reason to cry: Oh I don't know.. maybe a friggin' broken rib!
- Reality TV: I'd rather take a melon-baller to my eyes!
- Radio Station: WAMU
- Roll your tongue in a circle? Yes.

- Song: New Years Day and Don't Change
- Shoe size: 9 1/2
- Salad Dressing: dry please
- Sushi: yuck
- Skipped school: Oh my yes. My undergrad GPA is shameful as a result
- Slept outside: only when I have to
- Seen a dead body? Yes
- Smoked?: Nope
- Skinny dipped?: Nope
- Shower daily?: Yes
- Sing well? Oh no. No no no.
- Stuffed Animals?: When I was a kid I had an entire rep company.
- Single/Group dates: Both
- Strawberries/Blueberries: Strawberries, but no damn sugar thank you.

- Time for bed: varies, but usually 12 or 1
- Thunderstorms: hate them with the white hot fury of fear
- TV Show: Battlestar Galactica
- Touch your tongue to your nose: Not even close

- Unpredictable: you never know.

- Vegetable you hate: pickles
- Vegetable you love: lima beans (Yeah, I said it!)
- Vacation spot: For the last 8 years or so, Enid Oklahoma -- the second coolest non-east coast place in the US!

- Weakness: disorganization
- When you grow up: When will that finally happen? For the love of God when?
- Which one of your friends acts the most like you: Thankfully, none. They're all better than me.
- Who makes you laugh the most: Issac
- Worst feeling: fear. it rules me.
- Wanted to be a model?: Yeah. the "Before" guy.
- Worst weather: Tornado season

-X-Rays: Inconclusive. Dammit!

-Year it is now: 2009
-Yellow: A great episode of TALES FROM THE CRYPT directed by Robert Zemekis (SP?)

- Zoo animal: Panda (Go DC!)
- Zodiac sign: Aries... whatever the hell that means


  1. Oh my. This takes me back to some of his classes, when he would just go off on the funniest rambles. Still some of my favorite memories from college... especially the times when he would talk about his family, how awesome his sons and his wife were. What a wonderful man.

  2. Regina,
    What a touching tribute. I wish he could have met him. He lives through your words.

  3. Now THAT is brilliant. Now I REALLY wish I'd known him!

    What a smart way to fulfill that request. Thanks.

  4. Regina, thank you for sharing about you and him. Sad for your loss and inspired by what you have done since.

  5. Regina-
    What a beautiful tribute and glimpse into your life.
    My God, you were loved. I wish I'd known him. - I'm sad for your loss but grateful to share such wonderful memories. And so proud of where you are today!!!