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Friday, November 30, 2012

The Walking Wall

Did you know that you could help patients by purchasing an art book?  For every copy sold of The Walking Wall: 73 Cents to the Walking Gallery $10 is donated to the PatientTravel Fund of the Society for Participatory Medicine a 501c3 non-profit.

Yep.  10 dollars.  Now you might not think ten dollars is a lot, but it is all the proceeds on the book after costs are covered.  HISA (Health Informatics Society of Australia) published the book with additional help from the Cerner Corporation.  I wrote the text and created the art depicted in the book.  We make no profit from it.  We want those funds to go to the society so patients will be able to attend more conferences and events.  

This book was the wonderful idea of Louise Schaper, CEO of HISA. When she asked me where I would like to donate the proceeds, I told her I could think of no better choice than The Society for Participatory Medicine.

The book begins by explaining the mural 73 Cents and then shows the story jackets of 40 amazing people who have dedicated their lives to helping others.

You will see the stories of:

Jen McCabe, Lygeia Ricciardi, Cindy Throop, Valarie Barnes, Danielle Cass, Susannah Fox, Amy Romano, Christine Kraft, Keith Boone, John O’Brien, Lindsey Hoggle
Clay Patterson, Kait B. Roe, Brian Ahier, Richard Payne,  Paulo Machado, Helen Haskell, Louise Schaper, Dave DeBronkart, Eunita Winkey, Mary Anne Sterling,
Andre Blackman, Craig Lipset,, Kathi  Apostolidis, David Harlow, Alex Albin, David Collins, Sherry Reynolds, Tiffany Peterson, Ben Miller, Jenny Pettit, Wendy Sue Swanson, Ted Eytan, Marsha Goodman, Trisha Torrey, Kathy Nicholls, Matthew Holt, Wen Dombrowski, David Lee Scher

These are only 40 members of The Walking Gallery of healthcare.  There are currently 195 members walking around the world wearing patient stories painted on their back.  I hope there are future books to come that highlight the work of these other wonderful individuals.  Meanwhile, I will keep blogging about them.

The book is a lovely full color book and retails in the US for $40.00 plus shipping. By my count there are 260 books currently at the US distributor.  If all of those books are purchased, The Society for Participatory Medicine would receive $2,600.00 for patient travel!

That would be a lovely gift to the Society this holiday season.

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